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Proud, Equal Opportunity Employer

At ECI, we deeply believe that every individual brings a unique perspective, valuable skills, and untapped potential to our team. Our commitment to equal opportunity employment ensures fair treatment for all candidates and employees, irrespective of their race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, or other characteristics. This dedication not only enriches our workplace culture but also amplifies innovative energy and a collaborative spirit throughout our organization.

From our hiring practices to employee development, we strive to foster an environment that celebrates differences and values every voice. We understand that a diverse team enhances perspectives, stimulates creativity, and drives progress. Embracing equal opportunity employment isn't just a commitment at ECI – it's a core value that shapes our actions and paves the way for a future where diversity is celebrated, individuals are empowered, and collective success thrives.

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Employment Highlights Include:

401K Retirement

Health Insurance Including Vision and Dental Insurance

100% Prevailing Wage Work

Davis Bacon, Scale Wages

Consistent Work Site - No Travel

Company Provided On-Site Work Vehicle

Paid Time Off

Professional and Fun Workplace Environment

Collaborative Team Building Activities


Fulfilling these criteria ensures a harmonious partnership and successful project execution at Engineering Constructors, Inc.

  • I9 Compliant
  • E-Verify Compliant
  • Be able to obtain OSHA 10 Certification prior to employment.
  • Subject to pre-employment Background check and Drug Screening before employment. Periodic drug testing may be required for federal work.
  • Cannabis and affiliated products are still considered illegal under Federal Law and for Federal Contractors.

Driving record and history along with a valid driver’s license may be taken into consideration prior to employment and during employment

Be able to effectively communicate and receive instructions in English and complete your work.

Will need a reliable and trustworthy vehicle to make it back and forth to work on time and safely. Work vehicles will be provided as transportation as appropriate for qualified workers.





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