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Sandia National Laboratories



General Construction, Test Support

Sandia National Laboratories

Engineering Constructors, Inc. is one of the handful partner contractors selected for general construction projects. The total contract agreements for all contractors is worth estimated $156M in 2010 and $135M in 2017.

These projects include general, electrical, mechanical, civil construction, demolition, subcontracting with the prime contractors, and other work.

Rocket Sled Track

SNL’s Rocket Sled Track Complex (RSTC), in Albuquerque, New Mexico, consists of the main Rocket Sled Track Facility and three explosive test Pads, which are used to test various explosives and rocket motors.

The Rocket Sled Track provides a controlled environment for high-velocity impact, aerodynamic, acceleration, and other related testing for both small and large test items. Tests can be designed to simulate unique scenarios and to provide the maximum data from each test. The facility provides a 10,000-foot track for testing items at very high speeds, and a 2,000-foot railroad gauge track for testing very large, heavy items at moderate speeds. The combination of ingenuity, experience, and instrumentation available at this facility makes it unique for research, test, and evaluation purposes.

Rocket Sled Impact Test in Slow-Motion

Forward Ballistic Rocket Sled Test, Dec 2015