Engineering Constructors, Inc.

Job Requirements

Qualifications Needed

Fulfilling these criteria ensures a harmonious partnership and successful project execution at Engineering Constructors, Inc.

  • I9 Compliant
  • E-Verify Compliant
  • Be able to obtain OSHA 10 Certification prior to employment.
  • Subject to pre-employment Background check and Drug Screening before employment. Periodic drug testing may be required for federal work.
  • Cannabis and affiliated products are still considered illegal under Federal Law and for Federal Contractors.

Driving record and history along with a valid driver’s license may be taken into consideration prior to employment and during employment

Be able to effectively communicate and receive instructions in English and complete your work.

Will need a reliable and trustworthy vehicle to make it back and forth to work on time and safely. Work vehicles will be provided as transportation as appropriate for qualified workers.

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